Brazilians hardly consider themselves to be a polite people, but they do love to lecture each other on manners anyhow, especially when drinking. The following are the standard rules for correct consumption of Brazilian beer. 

1. A man should pour beer for the ladies. I learned the intricacies of this while drinking with several cariocas (women from Rio):


2. The group should buy one garrafa (600 mL bottle) at a time and share it. Some gringos do otherwise, to the horror of cariocas.


3. The beer should be extremely cold.



4. Raise your glass and toast “Saude!” You must look in each person’s eyes, as in Europe, but more importantly, you must take a drink before putting your glass back down. You know the following folk wisdom is true because it rhymes:

Quem bebe sem brindar, 7 anos sem gozar.

Quem brinda sem beber, 7 anos sem foder.

(Drinking without toasting: 7 years without orgasms.

Toasting without drinking: 7 years without fucking.)